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GGC Featured Kayak Tours

Take one of our kayak tours to unwind, explore and possibly gain some knowledge of lakes such as Arrow Lake and Whatshan Lake. Whether this is your first time kayaking, a novice or a veteran our knowledgeable staff will guide you and take the stress away from planning so you can soak in the beauty of the Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges.

We appreciate that not all of our clients are experienced kayakers and a fear of tipping over and being trapped holds many back. One major advantage to inflatable kayaks is you will not get trapped. They simplify the boarding process, on shore and in the water. Compared to hard shell, inflatables are more stable, forgiving and easier to control. The versatility, comfort and strength of these kayaks will surprise you. In addition, inflatable kayaks require less space, equipment and energy minimizing our environmental footprint. 

All GGC scheduled tours below are available to all, with the standard of 1 guide per 6 participants. Explore our beautiful region with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts or contact us to book a private tour (price varies based on # of participants)

2022 season opens June 1, 2022

What's Included:

  • Guide will cover intro/refresher to kayaking with each tour

  • Kayak & paddle

  • Personal flotation device

  • All other required safety gear

  • Dry bag (waterproof) to hold personal items 

  • Click here for a list of other items you should bring to have an optimal experience

Important Items to Note:

  • All pricing is shown in Canadian dollars ($)

  • Child is considered 12 and under & must be accompanied by an adult in a double kayak

  • Our focus is on an enjoyable and safe experience for all  (6 participants per 1 guide)

  • Min. of 2 participants required for each booking, single kayakers can contact us directly

  • All tours are weather dependent. We reserve the right to cancel a tour if we feel its unsafe on the water. We do paddle in the rain

  • We can accommodate private groups of 4 or more, please fill out this form:


Laid-back Fauquier Tour

This tour is great for all skill levels. 

Our guide will show you a great way to spend a few hours with an easy-going paddle, beautiful views of Mt. Ingersoll from Arrow Lake and a stop at a rare beach along the way. 

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $69 single kayak - 13 + years old

              $129 double kayak - 2 adults

              $109 double kayak - 1 adult/1 child

Dates/Times: Thursdays & Fridays

                               10am, 1pm & 4pm


Surf & Turf
Fauquier Package

Love golf & kayaking?

Join one of our guided tours above (Laid-back Fauquier Tour) & golf a round at Fauquier District Golf Club. Golf first or golf after the kayak tour - its up to you! No tee time required at golf course, options for kayak tour are 10am, 1pm & 4pm out of Fauquier boat launch (right beside the 2nd tee box). Golf is 9 holes, price is for walking. Carts are available at additional cost. Typical golf round should take around 2 hours. Homemade snack is included in this package.

Duration: 4+ hours

Price: $149 for 2

Dates/Times: Thursdays & Fridays


Burton North

We meet up and launch out of Burton Historical Campground. It won't take long to notice the vibrant colours of Arrow Lake reminiscent of the Caribbean. Right from our launch spot you can see the start of the magnificent mountain ranges you'll view during the entire tour. The history, geology and beauty you'll encounter in this region is second to none.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $69 single kayak - 13 + years old

              $129 double kayak - 2 adults

              $109 double kayak - 1 adult/1 child

Dates/Times: Wednesday: 9am & 1pm

                               Saturday: 8am, 11am & 2pm

                               Sunday: 8am, 11am & 2pm


Burton South

This tour is launching out of Burton (south) boat launch. It is an extension of our Burton North tour. You'll see all the beauty from that tour plus different views of Mt. Ingersoll, a close look at Caribou Creek & the rest of the Burton Flats. Great opportunities to see wildlife in its natural habitat, views of many mountain ranges & enjoy a morning of paddling. Homemade snack provided during this tour.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: $99 single kayak - 13 + years old

              $179 double kayak - 2 adults

              $149 double kayak - 1 adult/1 child

Dates/Times: Wednesday: 9am

                               Saturday: 8am  

                               Sunday: 8am

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